Beginner Rallye

Beginner Online Rallye

If you tried the step by step beginner rallye then this is your next option sequence in the online rallyes

Have fun read the rules and instructions carefully.

Beginner Rallye


   Welcome to the Beginner Rallye, School’s In, an exercise in getting to know road rallye basics. So you will start at Point A on the map, where you load onto the school bus for your journey (heading East). Good luck. Answers are below the map. (Hint, print the page so you can read the route instructions while looking at the map—but don’t peek at the answers, you won’t learn anything that way. You are not being scored.



Perform the route instructions in numerical order at the first chance to do so and answer the questions along the way, stay straight as possible, when you do not have a route instruction to execute.  Begin at Point A on the map and travel East. Use the definitions and rules as your guide. Answer the Questions posed, they apply between COMPLETE executions of numbered instructions. Road segments that would take you off of the map, alleys and gravel roads are nonexistent.  Consider North to be toward the top of the page.



Sideroad – a road that extends in only one direction from your road.

Crossroad – a road that both meets and crosses your road.

Tee – An intersection in the general shape of the letter T, where you have a chance to go left and a chance to go right, but no chance to go straight ahead.

Opportunity – a chance to execute the desired action.

Rd = street = avenue = drive = st, etc.

Direction – right or left.

End – Where your named road ends, usually at a Tee intersection.

Pass – To pass an object alongside your road.



Beginner Rallye

Route Instructions


1. Right on crossroad then  Left on crossroad.

QA. Did you pass the pencil?

2. Right on Chupack.

3. Right at Christopher

4. Right on Smyth.

QB. Did you pass the school bus?

5. Left on Bandit then Left on Karen.

6. Left on Jim Burt Street.

QC. Did you pass the desk and chair?

7. Left on Chupack.

8. Left on Zack then Left at end.

QD. Did you pass the bell?

9.Left on Christopher then Right at Chupack then Right at Tee.

QE. Did you pass the stacked books?

10.  Left or Right on crossroad.

QF. Did you pass the owl reading a book?

11. Right on Christopher then Right on Chupack then Right on Jim Burt then Left at Tee  then Left on Gary and Ron Road. 

12. After  Smyth Street, Make alternate left/right turns, beginning with a left,  until you can go Left on Madirosian.

QG, Did you pass the pencil box?

13. Left on Thorson, Right on Karen then Right on Jeremy.

14. Left at the first opportunity.

QH. Did you pass the chalk and the blackboard cleaner?

15. Left on Erik.

16. Right on Karen then Left on Gary and Ron then Right on Nancy.

QI. Did you pass the crayons?

16. End rallye at the  (now you have said your ABC’s) School.


Beginner Rallye Answers



1. The first crossroad you come to is Karen and you go to the right. Then the next crossroad isn’t Urbauer. Since Urbauer, to the west, leads off the map with no intervening intersection. Thus the section to the west in nonexistent and Urbauer is not a crossroad.



4. You are asked to turn right on SMYTH not SMITH. If you went on the wrong one, you were wrong.



6. You see in your rules that road = street, etc. Thus, Jim Burt Drive is the same as Jim Burt street and you should have turned on Jim Burt Drive. You would NOT see the desk and chair for QC if you did the right thing.



8. Zack ends at Karen where the road changes names to Thorson. Thus that is the end. Definitions are tricky, and  it says USUALLY ends at a Tee not ALWAYS.

QD. NO, off course that went Left at the Tee see this.


10. The instruction reads  Left or Right on CROSSROAD. Maybe in real world life this would mean Go either way at a crossroad, but in reality, in rallye world this would mean make a Left at the first chance to do so OR make a Right at a crossroad. Since you MUST perform route instructions at the first chance to do so, the sideroad comes up first. Off course go to the crossroad and saw the answer for QE.



QF. YES. Remember questions can be answered until you have completely executed the following instruction. So this instruction applies until you go right on Jeremy.


12. Notice this instruction reads ‘Until You Can’ which means until you can but does not direct you to actually turn, just make turns until you CAN. On course stayed straight at Madirosian while off course went left. On course see the pencil box for QG,



14. Jens is not a street but an alley. An alley is to be considered nonexistent, thus you should not have turned on Jens. Off course see the answer for QH.



16. Now you see the road you are on goes all the way to the school but you also noticed that there was no intersection after Karen, thus you should have followed, by straight as possible rule, onto Karen since ahead was nonexistent. this is the use of straight as possible, your car always going forward, or in the case of this rallye, your bus. The on course cars went to the school at the top of the page.



Now have you learned your A,B, C’s?