Wheels Rallye Team

Having More Fun Than Anyone

Above and Left are Summer Cruise  and Dash For Cash. Photos courtesy of John Reckhart. Below are photos from THE FAMOUS GHOST HUNT

On the left, a “friendly” visit from the Woodfield Security corps.

On the right, Nancy and Dennis Dorner at registration for The Summer Cruise in 2007.

Dennis Dorner, Sue Thorson, Lee Thorson and Gary Sakata scoring the Christmas Light Tour at Mr. Beef and Pizza.

At right, Lee Thorsons ‘37 Chevy coupe.

Far Left: The Marine Reserves Unit helping to promote their annual Toys For Tots toy drive.

Near Left: Dennis Dorner and his helper reading out the results at Barnaby’s.

Far Left: Dennis Dorner and helper with the results at Barnaby’s.

Center: The Fricke’s showing off their trophy at Summer Cruise.

Dave Feldman and Leslie Levin smiling for the camera for their first place win in THE SUMMER CRUISE.


Left: Summer Cruise Beginner Winners in 2006. Right: custom hot rod.

Left is Sue Thorson greeting participants at Barnaby’s for the Famous Ghost Hunt.

   At right, Lee Thorson and Chris Stompanato take charge of the scoring of The Famous Ghost Hunt.

Below: Car Hops are part of the fun at The Summer Cruise Rallye. In 2011 we take on Sonic.

At Left, Nancy Dorner being one of the evil three witches on THE FAMOUS GHOST HUNT.

At right, Sandy Madirosian, Kathy Luka and Nancy Dorner trying to “trick” the participants as the three witches.

Dennis Dorner holding court at Barnaby’s after The Famous Ghost Hunt. Sue Doran, Tommy Healy and others.

On the right, Angela McCluskey, Ann Marie Morgan and Mary Thomas at the annual Wheels Rallye Team Christmas party.


Left: Classic Chevy Bel Air.

Below, right: A classic example of the old Burma Shave signs

Toys For Tots isn’t just for one person, it is a long time partner with Wheels Rallye Team and The Christmas Light Tour.

An attentive competitor listening to the rallymaster’s driver’s meeting.

Someone was enjoying herself at the end of a rallye. Yep people bring their children along.

   Wheels Rallye Team has partnered with Toys For Tots and the U.S. Marine  Corps Reserves on its annual CHRISTMAS LIGHT TOUR for  20 years. Come be part of the fun in December!

   Never let it be said that people are not ready to pose for a picture at a road rallye.

Vintage and open top racing cars make life fun. You don’t need one at a rallye.

The Summer Cruise 2008 stopped at a Mt. Prospect Ice Cream Place and outside, on the bench we found these two cuties enjoying their too large cone.

Getting the thumbs up before leaving parking lot

To the far left, even families enjoy Rallye Team events. Near Left, can you guess what kind of car this dashboard is from?

Below: Dennis Dorner, Kathy Brandl and Steve Ury at one of the Wheels Rallye Team’s summer parties.

Left above:  Gary and Lyn Sakata at the 2009 Wheels Rallye Team Christmas party.

Right Above: Brian Sherwin, longtime rallye competitor, with his family at the 2009 Christmas Party.

Above: Ed Davis of SCORE Rallye Team and Dennis Dorner accepting their trophies at Barnaby’s for their 1st Place effort

Cheryl Zalokar and Mike Zalokar joined Dennis Dorner at the 2009 Wheels Rallye Team Christmas Party.

   The Thomas Family Girls at the 2009 Wheels Rallye Team Chiristmas Party.

Julie Zalokar at the Wheels Rallye Team 2009 Christmas Party.

   Wheels Rallye Team welcomed SCORE Rallye Team members Rich Salter, Anne Salter and Marty Howard to their 2009 Christmas party.

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Meghan, Mike, Julie and Cheryl Zalokar at the 2009 Wheels Rallye Team Christmas Party.

Photos From Wheels Rallye Team Events

And other rallye and related photos


Now here is a road that would be the perfect rallye road. Wow.