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For information† on how to use road rallying to help your group, charity, and more, call Dennis at†† 847-975-2075.


Car Clubs put a Wheels rallye on your schedule and we will take care of everything including trophies

For your club

The Summer Cruise


†† Rallye Begins at Woodfield Mall Parking Lot just WEST of the Bank of America building. (Along Golf Road).

†† Registration opens at 6pm with cars off at 7:00 pm. Newcomers rallye school happens at 6:45pm.

†† For more information call Dennis at 847-975-2075. Cost is $10 per car, thatís all. Trophies at the endpoint which is Garibaldiís in Hoffman Estates to Grandmaster, Master, Novice, Beginner and First time cars.

†† The rallye will take you on an a fun drive visiting some of the best old time and newer drive ins, with just a few gimmicks tossed in for a little challenging fun.

†† We think you will have fun and cordially invite you to attend.

We are back at Woodfield at† new starting area in the lot.

May 6

The Treasure Hunt

July 8

The Summer Cruise

September 16

The Famous Puzzler Rallye

October 21

The Famous Ghost Hunt

November 18

Jeopardy, The Rallye

December 9

The Christmas Light Tour