Jones Street

Smith Lane












    Now try to perform route instructions 23 and 24 above. You of course perform 23 at Jones, but then you should have performed 24 at the sideroad to your left, NOT at the actual Tee intersection, because the definition stated that a Tee need only be in the general shape of the letter T, not that you had to actually be coming up the vertical stem of the T.

   But don't worry, because Wheels Rallye Team rallyes, always figure a way for everyone to get back together and not miss a beat. You won't get lost. If the next instruction read:


   25. Left on Smith.


   You would then all get back together on Smith and never know that we tricked you. We love that.

   The endpoint is usually at a restaurant in the area and awards and results are announced.

Puzzle Rallyes

   Wheels Rallye Team has  Puzzle events on our schedule. Both are similar but both have the same initial execution, and that is to solve a puzzle, which can be solved with a number. Then you look at the included map and drive to that spot on the map, and get the required information, or answer a question, to prove that you are there. No previous rallye experience is necessary. Our signature puzzle rallye is: The Famous Puzzler Rallye in September.


Photo Rallyes

   A photo rallye is pretty much what it seems, you either look for specific photos for a certain amount of time and/or make turns using photographs.


   For example you may have to look to find the statue at left on a stretch of road or you may have to turn toward this statue. It is uncomplicated but very exact. Lots of fun and our event is A Picture’s Worth, and it is on a Sunday so you can see.


Cruise Rallyes

   Our Summer Cruise rallye has been the most popular summer event in Chicago for the last few years. It is like a normal gimmick road rallye, but the emphasis is not on challenge but on the fun of visiting a good number of the best cruise drive-ins still hanging around, and in some cases viewing some great custom cars. You eat and snack along the way. Our Christmas Light Tour rallye, is not designed to challenge, but it has a primary purpose of viewing the best Christmas lights displays in the suburbs.


Treasure Hunt and Point To Point Rallyes

   These events are sometimes run as separate events, but both have the same purpose, to go to as many of the places as you can in the allotted time. 


Discovery Rallyes

   This rallye is a more of a tour event where we take you places on more or less a sightseeing tour of interesting things. Better than a drive in the country, this event points out specific things (usually dealing with one subject) and allows the lowest pressure, fun driving of any rallye.


Confusion Rallyes

   In this form of a puzzle rallye, you have to solve various puzzles, absorb and put together clues and use you imagination to figure out how to get from one place to another, and then again go through the process to get to the next place. Don’t worry we design these events so you will never get lost.


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What Is Gimmick Road Rallying?

And the other types of rallyes/events are offered by Wheels Rallye Team


   Gimmick Road rallying can best described as a board game on wheels. Just like in a board game, you get a set of rules, when you first register for the event. These rules govern the actual play of the event.


   Instead of rolling dice, on a road rallye you get a set of route instructions which tell you how and where to turn. For example:


23. Right on Jones Street.

24. Left at Tee.


   Simple? On the surface. But a road rallye  is designed by a devious rallymaster, who has the personal job of trying to trick you into doing things wrong.


   For example, let us say that the Rules of the Rallye (which we call General Instructions) define Tee as:


An intersection in the general shape of the letter T.