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It’s fast and it’s powerful and NO you can’t drive it!

Santa and ready for Christmas, and hopefully The Christmas Light Tour.

Nancy Dorner posing for one of the virtual rallye sections in the board game “Checkpoint”. This game was like running a real rallye on your dining room table. TDC

Games produced the game for two years.

The Summer Cruise rallye takes you through and to some of the best old time cruise night hangouts in the Chicago area. This is not one of them...this is from California.

For the 2011 season we visited places with car hops including the new Chicago-area Sonic Drive In’s.

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Two competitors checking the map

Dennis Dorner designed the “Checkpoint” game, the play at home rallye, for TDC games. It was a tough game.

Above, “Boy that looks good!”

Below, not so good.

   Driving in a nice convertible is a fun part of road rallying.

Above, rally car in a pro rallye event in Canada.

From Rallye of The Tall Pines in Ontario, Canada. This is a pro rallye, you don’t need fancy cars and heavy duty suspensions for our gimmick rallyes.

Full Rallye Version (pro rallying) of the new Hyundai Velostar debuted at The Chicago Auto Show, 2011.

Below: Our own little Cold weather Christmas and all seasons friend, Promise, our Siberian Husky.

Below: Okay, we have rallyes that have carhops, but we have never seen these two at any of them.

Below: Dennis Dorner and newsman/producer Bill Kurtis at the Kansas location of ‘Little House On The Prairie’

   Some general Rallye, race and auto pictures from across the globe from the public domain and our collections.

Wheels Rallye Team

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