Text Box: What Equipment Do You Need?

   The best thing about gimmick road rallying is, that outside of your vehicle, and a pen or pencil, you don’t really need any other equipment. But there are some things that will really help you enjoy road rallying more, and thus, we present a rallye checklist below, of things that you may wish to bring with you.


· A clipboard - this will give you a solid writing surface and a clip to hold down the pages of route instructions, general instructions and your scoresheet.

· A pencil (so you can erase) and a pen (blue or black ink) - at rallyes writing on the scoresheet with a red pen is not allowed.

· A hi-liter - a yellow or green or whatever color highlighter so you can highlight important parts of the instructions.

· A Flashlight - as an added interior light to read things and to maybe use if you can't make out a certain sign on the road. A flashlight is also very useful at checkpoints.

· A Compass or GPS - sometimes directions are given such as ‘Northwest’, etc. If your car doesn’t have a built in compass bring one along. If you have a GPS system, that will help in finding the course through pick up points in case you get lost, as well as identifying street names for you. Neither of these are necessary, but advantageous to have.,

· A map of the Chicago area - detailed maps help you find things ahead of time or in case you get lost. A hard copy map is never a bad thing to have. There are various ring bounded maps of the area available.

· A good sense of humor - a definite help.

· A safe vehicle - any amount of people that wish to participate in a vehicle may do so, but all must wear proper seat belts.

· A watch or timing device - rallyes are not timed other than as to what time you leave or come in, but you may need something to tell you this. Obviously, your car probably has an adequate clock.


   As you can see you really don’t have a lot of expense to get into road rallying, and Wheels Rallye Team makes it easier, because we have a staff of people that are out at the rallyes to help you in solving the mysteries of the sport. So come on out and enjoy road rallying - Wheels style.

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Wheels Rallye Team

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Text Box: The Wheels Rallye Team Experience

   When you come out to a Wheels Rallye Team event you come out to a well-planned, entertaining event designed to make up a fun evening of challenge and fun.

   You will be greeted by friendly, smiling people who care about you and want you to enjoy the evening.

   Right from the start, you will notice Wheels' group of members and helpers, all there to lend you a hand.

   The rallymaster is the person in charge of the event, the designer who has put his or her considerable knowledge of the sport into creating a high-level creation that will delight your senses.

   Wheels has numerous 'New Rallyist Helpers' that are there to answer your questions, provide rallye schooling and to assist you in understanding the sport.

   Plus we have our exclusive TRAINING WHEELS which combines the elements of a rallye school before the event and notes for newcomers during the rallye.

   Our rallyes are diversified and creative, each one telling its own story and setting its own pace.

   We end all of our rallyes at 10pm or before, and our super-quick scoring usually gets you out of the endpoint at a decent hour, usually before 10:30pm. We run an efficient operation that takes you, the participant in mind. We also feature short general instructions and extensive rallye schools and question/answering sessions before and after the event.

   Wheels Rallye team was founded by Jens and Karen Lauesen to design smart, fun, accurate road rallyes that provide challenge to the competitors and a good time for all. Wheels events have continued that philosophy in providing cutting edge rallyes that are easy to run and uncomplicated in nature. We love road rallying and welcome all participants, new and old.



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Text Box: What To Expect and the equipment you will need to participate

   Many people get started in rallying just being out at the shopping center and seeing a cluster of cars gathered and wondering what they are doing...they are getting ready to rally.

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