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††††† The current Wheels Rallye Team Membership Roster


†† Jens and Karen Lauesen (Founders and Lifetime President and Vice President)

†Sue and Lee Thorson, Jim and Kathy Burt, Christopher and Susan Stompanato, Rich and Diana Scramuzzo, Melissa Scramnuzzo, Brittany Scramuzzo, Wayne and Cheryl Zalokar, Mike Zalokar, Ellen Johnson, Jim Skrenka, Kristin Gas, Gary Sakata, Ron Sakata, Christy and Tom Gergits, Jim Leonard, Chris Leonard, Karen Porm, Dennis Dorner, Nancy Dorner, JC and Scott Chupack, Katie Birger, Meghan Birger, Lidia Magnelli, Gian Magnelli, Steve Fee, Chris Svirvec, Steve Davis, Paul and Sandy Birger, Wayne and Linda Dressler, Paul Grossman, Sandy Madriosian, Kathy Luka, Tim and Lois Corcoran, Kathy Sakata, Lynn Sakata, Suzan Doran, Roger Doran, Bill McKas, Alice Urbauer, Roger Minnis, Diane Minnis, Laura Miller, Liz DelAngel, Kelly Luka, Sean Gately, Hart Gately, John Stoesser, Mike Zalokar, Meghan Zalokar, Kim Cooling, Chip Kopp,†††††† Jeff Sachs, Laura Sachs


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Wheels Rallye Team

Having More Fun than Anyone

†News And Results

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Updated: 04/09/2017

From the 2005 Summer Cruise, Dennis and Nancy Dorner with Lee Thorsonís classic car.

†† Two different looks, immediately above, with Dennis Dorner and Susan Thorson bundled up for a cold weather rallye, and below the 2007 Beach Blanket Bingo rallye, the competitors† playing beach games in the forest preserve.

Dennis Dorner reading out the results at Barnabys with his helper.

At Mr. Beef and Pizza, our Beginner winners for the Summer Cruise, 2007

Donít pick up a hitchhiker, it said in the general instructions. So you passed Nancy right by. Right?

Summer Cruise 2005 Driverís Meeting.

Wheels Rallye Team is a proud member of The Chicago Auto Sports Club (CASC).

One of the old Wheels Rallye Team Summer Parties with Jen Lauessen, Eric Lauessen, Karen Porm, Susan Stompanato, Bill McKas, Dennis Dorner, Alice Urbauer, Chris Stompanato, Sue Thorson, Lee Thorson, Jim Burt, Kathy Burt, Tom Gergits, Christy Gergits

Greg Cichoraki and Amanda Lambie Top Ghost Hunt



Susan Thorson, Lee Thorson and Dennis Dorner displaying their first place trophies on a recent SCORE rallye.

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Jeopardy, The Rallye
November 18, 2017

30 Cars Competed

Capturing the Overall Championship for the 2017 Ghost Hunt with 110 points was Greg Chicoraki ND Amanda Lambie, followed in second by Karen Flasch and Joan Spencer. Click on the Ghost Hunt link to the right. for complete results.