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Well it took being able to drive the Halloween Tour on any night, to estalish the fourth highest attendance of its 25 year history (only topped by 72 cars one year, 59 and 58 cars in two other years). Everyone seemed to have fun even though it wasn't run as a competitive event. Congratulations to everyone who came out to view the magical Halloween decorations. And the scary ones too.

Christmas Light Tour Draws 265 Cars

The annual Christmas Light Tour, a benefit for Toys For Tots, drew 265 paid entries and approximately 170 more cars through various charities. Wheels Rallye Team is always proud to cooperate with charities looking for fundraisers. Your charity can benefit too. Drop us a line if interested.


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The Famous Puzzler drew 49 cars Here are the Rallye Results and Mini Synopsis

49 cars ventured out and 38 came back as The puzzler challenged,  created problems and in general took the mettle of  the participants and hung them up to dry.

This fun puzzle rallye was run in the daylight this year, and the shorter rout proved  popular, the harder puzzles proved challenging, and the  hidden words were hard to find.

Below  are the particulars of the rallye and the final standings, and winners of the event.

Brief Synopsis of the Puzzles and where the hidden words were.

Puzzle 1

The logistics indicate that the bear is white of course, black and brown worked too since all three are five letters. Hidden Word: Wrist/under play ground bridge 1 car got it, it was there on Monday)

Puzzle 2

There are 7 faces. Hidden Word: baseball backstop.   

Puzzle 3

Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky not Louisville. So you wanted letters F and R. Hidden Word: On basketball Hoop structure.

 Puzzle 4

Since each brother has one sister, they all only have one sister. So the answer is 9. 6 brothers, 1 sister and mom and dad. Hidden Word: On bike rack

Puzzle 5

You only have to take 3 socks, with two colors,  the third  sock will match one of the earlier two. Hidden Word: on back of Parkfun.com sign.

Puzzle 6

I’m on cloud 9. Hidden Word: ON Bench with separate chairs.

Puzzle 7

45, this was hard and we gave it as a sample. 45 (1/5 of 45 = 9, 9 + 45 = 54) Hidden Word: On wall at Weight Watchers.

Puzzle 8

Crossword works out to 260 Plus 123 = 383. Hidden Word: On the dugout bench.

Puzzle 9

Umpire and a catcher. Hidden Word: on the swing

Puzzle 10

Add 100 to 233 = 333. On the post at the shelter.

Puzzle 11

Here are the words, tough puzzle:

Cornucopia, harvest, November, pilgrim, turkey, cranberry, Mayflower, Plymouth, holiday, Wampanoag, pumpkin to make the following:

Thank You For This Day. Hidden Word: on post at the Pavilion.

Puzzle 12

All 6 words have a common theme CIRCUS. You just add 6 to the 329 to get 335; 6 is the number of letters for Circus. Hidden Word: On the back of a skate park ramp.

Puzzle 13

The numbers are listed in alphabetical order. Thus, 304.Hidden Word: On the back of the park sign.

Puzzle 14

It’s the school teacher, because obvious lie of midterms, there are no midterms at beginning of school year. Hidden Word: On the dual slide.

Puzzle 15

The colors in order are: Cyan, scarlet (brother’s car lets), indigo (find I go), teal (waste a lot), crimson (generic rims on), tan (it and). So, cSITct. Hidden Woird: On the stairs of the mutli play set.

Puzzle 16

Turning the gears you come up with 8281. You use the 281. Hidden Word: On the bench along the sidewalk.

Puzzle 17

Snug Hug, Libra Zebra, Lumberjack Paperback, Library Secretary, Ceremonial Testimonial. Hidden Word: Behind the park sign.

Puzzle 18

Utah is the only state that fulfills the requirement. Hidden Word: On the park bench.

Puzzle 19

128 hot dogs. Hidden Word: On the ball field grandstand.

Puzzle 20

Ronald Reagan. Hidden Word: On the brick wall.


   The hardest hidden word was for 1. One car got it.

Puzzle 11 was the hardest puzzle. Puzzle 7 everyone got. Puzzle 16 was the second hardest.

   Thanks for coming out The results follow;


Famous Puzzler Rallye Results

Congratulations To Our Winners


was to solve the puzzles convert your puzzle answers to numbers, find a corresponding numbered locaion on the map, drive to that location, solve a wacky riddle and then search for a hidden word.


was to feel frustration that you couldn't match up answers with numbers on the route, couldn't find where the hidden words were, and generally be confuzzled.i


Well, find out by looking at the results below. You may have done better than you thought.

Results of The Famous Puzzler Rallye

The results show names of competitors, the class they were in, and their total points, plus if they won an award.

  1. Tom Gebhardt/Tracy Gebhardt/4 or more in the car/480/First Place Overall
  2. Christina Collins/Michael Collins/4 or more/450/First place 4 or more in car
  3. Alexandra Flasch/Adam/2 or less in car/430/First place 2 or less in a car
  4. Teri Varrige/Katelynn Varrige/ 4 or more/400
  5. Greg Cichoracki/Amanda Lambie/4 or more/390
  6. Dan Ophus/Karri Ophus/4 or more/390
  7. Ken Voiscet/Steve Pusateri/3 or less in a car/360/First Place 3 or Less in a car
  8. Bill Symons/Judy Gallant/4 or more in a car/360
  9. Teri Moore/Donna Jacobs/4 or more in a care/360
  10. Donald Brown/Helen Bisdale/4 or more in a car/360
  11. Bushek/Proske/4 or more in a car/330/First Place First Time Rallyist
  12. Car 5/ 3 or less in a car/320
  13. Brittany Nolan/ Lindsay Nolan/2 or less in a car/310
  14. Tracy Bunde/Christina Bunde/ 3 or less in a car/300
  15. Shanon Pusateri/Michelle Pusateri/2 or less in a car/290
  16. Jim Fleming/ Andy Turk/4 or more/280
  17. Linda/Keith/2 or less in the car/280
  18. Alan Costell/Boyd Castell/2 or less/270
  19. Mike Zalokar/Megan Zalokar/4 or more in car/270
  20. Erin Howard/ Whitney Doherty/2 or less/260
  21. Mike Pawlowski/Nick Pawlowski/4 or more/260
  22. Linda Herman/Ray Herman/2 or less/250
  23. Antoni Argall/Loren Argall/2 or less/240
  24. Wayne Zalokar/Cheryl Zalokar/3 or less in car/210
  25. Dave Head/Michael Lewis/3 or less/210
  26. Jodie Prom/Andrew Talcott/3 or less/210
  27. O'Conner/Goodwin/4 or more/200
  28. Reynolds/Dribek/2 or less/190
  29. Stevens/Multer/2 or less/190
  30. Robinson Hector/3 or less/180
  31. Brown/Henry/3 or less/180
  32. Jeff Dunbar/Rich Frost/2 or less/170
  33. Bob Salter/Reggie Goodwin/2 or less/160
  34. Tom Gergits/Christy Gergits/4 or more/DNF
  35. Ron Moody/Aex Frost/2 or more/DNF
  36. Roger Sacks/Bennie Harris/2 or less/DNF
  37. Kay Kerekes/Kerekes/4 or more/DNF
  38. Barinhoiltz/Barinholtz /2 or less/DNF
  39. Lischett/Lischett/ 2 or less/ DNF
  40. 10  cars from the Austin Birthday Party who finished at the party/ no idea on scores but they had fun

Above is quick breakdown of Puzzler puzzles and what parks were used, etc.

The Famous Ghost Hunt Results

A fun time looking at great Halloween decorations wa the genesis and  design of this year's GHOST HUNT. Of course we had a bevy of tricks too. 28 cars started and 26 finished.





   The Wheels Rallye Team Championship Program is designed to have ongoing competition among area road rallyists. This competition culminates in the final Wheels Rallye Team event, of the year, The Christmas Light Tour.

Participants earn points in each of three categories: Grandmaster, Master, or Novice/Beginner.

Points are awarded for a participant's finish position in the rallye from 20(most) to 1 (less) The most points at the end of the year wins the grand prize trophy - in each class.

Wheels Rallye Team’s 2019 Championship program is open to all road rallyists. It is a simple program designed to give you points for your performance and attendance in WHEELS events.

Here are the Rules:

1. Championship program for Novice/Beginner, Master and Grandmaster Rallyists. No points can be earned in any rallye car that contains more than two grandmasters except for The Famous Puzzler Rallye.

2. Champions will be determined by getting points in their respective divisions. A competitor's best 5 (Five) performances determines his overall score.

3. Scoring is done by awarding 20  points to the best finisher and then scaling down to a minimum of 1 point for the 20th finisher and after..

4. If a participant moves up in class throughout the year, he or she will carry the points earned in any lower class with them to the higher class(es).

5. Awards will be presented at The Christmas Light Tour Rallye for Toys For Tots in December 2019.

6. In all cases awards will be determined by actual results. If a tie exists at the end of the year, winner will be determined by attendance at Wheels events.

7. Awards will be trophies, plaques, or other personalized awards, and may include bonus prizes as well.

8. Wheels rallye team is the sole referee in championship point disputes.


Best Yet, you are automatically entered just by coming out and running a

Wheels Rallye Team Event