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Monster Rallye Kicks Off 2021 Season

   A very competitive road rallye kicked off the Wheels Rallye Team's 2021 season as 21 cars full of active participants drove this daytime gimmick road rallye, and when it came to results, veteran Phil Howard, Marty Howard took home first overall honors with a sparkling 60 points in penalty, followed closely by veterans Edward Davis, Roy Coleman and Dianna Uchida. Karen and Alex Flasch finished third and Ed Mann and Chipp Kopp took home the Masters trophy.

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Summer Cruise Rallye on June 26

   The Famous Summer Cruise Rallye was  held on Saturday June 26, this is the event where we cruise old and new drive ins and try to recreate a summer night's drive of days of yore. 

Here are The Results

Coming August 14