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Wheels Rallye Team News and Results

    • Plus Championship Points


  1. Edward Davis/Martin Howard/ GM/1st Overall/10 points      
  2. Karen Flasch/solo/GM/2nd Overall/20 points
  3. Steve Goodman/Claire Goodman/M/1st Master/30 points
  4. Chip Kopp/solo/M/4th Overall/100 points
  5. Scott Lindstron/solo/GM/5th Overall/100 points
  6. 6. John Adams/Peg McDonnel/B/1st Novice/170 points
  7. Michael Pawloski/Michael Latoviet/N/7th Overall/180 points
  8. 8. Nancy Gallagher/Tom Gallagher/FT/1st Beginner/180 points
  9. Jeff Scohnon/solo/FT/1st Place First Timer/220 points
  10. Lou Bradley/Scott Ury/N/10th OveralL/230 points





ANOTHER SMALL TURNOUT TO OPEN THE SEASON - RALLYE ENTHUSIASTS WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT ON THESE EVENTS TO KEEEP SPONSORING RALLYES. Everyone had fun Here are the results. Let's get the season rolling on the next event. Thanks. Highlight was that only two cars found the location to the treasure, the 2nd and 3rd place cars, and The 3rd place car, the Goodman's, also found the treasure.


Summer Cruise Results

June 15, 2019

  1.  P. Howard/Bautista/GM/1st Overall/40pts
  2.  M. Pusateri/D. Pusateri/M/1st Master/60 pts
  3.  Coleman/Uchida/M Howard/GM/70 pts
  4.  S. Pusateri/M. Puateri/M/80 pts
  5.  Lindstrom/Lindstron/GM/90 pt
  6.  Stoesser/Stoesser/M/100 pt
  7.  Schaeffer/Schaeffer/N/1st Novice/120 pt
  8.  Golden/Golden/B/1st Beginner/130 pt
  9.  Mckeown/McKrown/B/140 pt

The Famous Puzzler Results

Thjank You for coming out and running this year's Famous Puzzler Rallye. Results follow:

Position Driver Navigator Points Time In Award (Tie-Breaker)

1 Tammy Collins Mike Collins 600 09:56 1st Overall

 2 Andrew Benton Wil Zambole 580 09:59 2nd Overall

3 Kevin Walter Andrea Walter 560 09:58 3rd Overall

 4 Alex Flasch Jack Kochman 555 09:58 4th Overall

 5 Holly Listopad Steve Goodman 550 09:58

6 Mark Filipiak Anne Maxwell 490 09:56

7 Greg Feylo Brian Forst 465 09:57

 8 Tracy Gebhardt Tom Gebhardt 455 09:56

 9 Carl Cohoon Phil Howard 455 09:57

10 Dan Ophus Karri Ophus 400 09:59

 11 Terri Varrige Katelyn Varrige 375 09:56

12 Brittany Nolan Lindsey Nolan 365 09:52

 13 Barb Morris Jean Morris 365 09:54 Best 1st-Timer

14 (tie) Michael Pawlowski Lisa Pawlowski 365 09:58  

 14 (tie) Michael Cohen Liz Cohen 365 09:58

16 Michael Zalokar Megan Zalokar 360 09:56

17 Mary Bunde Christina Bunde 355 09:58

 18 Sharon Glovier Dan Glovier 350 09:50

 19 Kris Dahlstrom Rebecca Dahlstrom 325 09:58

 20 Paul Reichel Paul Reichel, Sr. 305 09:58 Best 3 or Less in Car

21 Chris Wojcik Melissa Rogalla 290 09:50 2nd 3 or Less in Car

22 Ed Davis Roy Coleman 245 09:54

 23 Yugesh Ariketh Chitra Menon 180 09:57 2nd Place 1st-Timer

The Famous Ghost Hunt Results

A fun tie looking at great Halloween decorations wa the genesis and  design of this years's GHOST HUNT. Of course we had a bevy of tricks too. 28 cars started and 26 finished.





   The Wheels Rallye Team Championship Program is designed to have ongoing competition among area road rallyists. This competition culminates in the final Wheels Rallye Team event, of the year, The Christmas Light Tour.

Participants earn points in each of three categories: Grandmaster, Master, or Novice/Beginner.

Points are awarded for a participant's finish position in the rallye from 20(most) to 1 (less) The most points at the end of the year wins the grand prize trophy - in each class.

Wheels Rallye Team’s 2019 Championship program is open to all road rallyists. It is a simple program designed to give you points for your performance and attendance in WHEELS events.

Here are the Rules:

1. Championship program for Novice/Beginner, Master and Grandmaster Rallyists. No points can be earned in any rallye car that contains more than two grandmasters except for The Famous Puzzler Rallye.

2. Champions will be determined by getting points in their respective divisions. A competitor's best 5 (Five) performances determines his overall score.

3. Scoring is done by awarding 20  points to the best finisher and then scaling down to a minimum of 1 point for the 20th finisher and after..

4. If a participant moves up in class throughout the year, he or she will carry the points earned in any lower class with them to the higher class(es).

5. Awards will be presented at The Christmas Light Tour Rallye for Toys For Tots in December 2019.

6. In all cases awards will be determined by actual results. If a tie exists at the end of the year, winner will be determined by attendance at Wheels events.

7. Awards will be trophies, plaques, or other personalized awards, and may include bonus prizes as well.

8. Wheels rallye team is the sole referee in championship point disputes.


Best Yet, you are automatically entered just by coming out and running a

Wheels Rallye Team Event