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Free Rallye

   If you live in the Chicago aea you can run it on the streets, if you live out of town. or are staying at home you can run it on Google Street View.

Welcome to the Free Car Rally Presented by WHEELS RALLYE TEAM. This rale has basic gimmicks with a few curveballs thrown in. After you finish the rallye, send us in your scoresheet and we will send you the answers and explanations of the gimmicks. Please use the following e-mail: wheelsrallyeteam@aol.com. You can run it anytime and if wou wish grab a hot dog at Rand Rd Red Hots then you finish. There won’t  be a trophy, for you on this rallye, but it is a good opportunity to bone up on regular rallye gimmicks and procedures. Have fun. We are in Park Ridge where they still use vertical street markers on most corners, read all street signs as intended. Just a note that if you can’t get out to run this event for any reason, feel free to run it in Google Maps Street View from the comfort of your own home. Start at Mariano’s parking lot on Cumberland just North of I-90.(corner of Higgins Rd).


    The rallye runs on open public roads only, alleys, parking lots with the exception of the start and endpoint, are non existent, as are driveways and any private property.

Each route instruction is preceded by a number. Route instructions are to be performed in ascending consecutive numerical order starting with route instruction 1. Each route instruction must be performed by physical evidence seen from the course at the first chance to do do, unless otherwise specified. If you do not have an instruction that applies  travel as straight as possible or go right at tee and continue to look for where your instruction applies.

   When it comes to road names we usually refer to the names as Smith, Jones, etc. not regarding the prefixes of N, S, E, W, North, South, East, west, Old or new. Road = rd = street = avenue =lane, etc. Thus if you had a road  named Old Smith Road. We will probably just refer to it as Smith. Any road segment marked as “no outlet” or “dead emd” are non existent.

   Always take the order or precedence in mind where you have more than one type of instruction to perform at the same point. The order of precedence is: General Instructions, Route instructions, Right at Tee then straight.

    Make no U turns on the route. B = T. 

    There will be questions asked of you during the rallye. Each valid question is indicated by the capital letter Q and a number, then completed by a question mark. A question replies from the completion of the route instruction most nearly above to the completion of the route instruction most nearly below. The route instructions are considered to be one continuous page. Answer each question and put the answer on the score sheet in the spaces provided. Some questions may be invalid and thse should be left blank.

   Any thing in quotes, “example” refers to a sign. Spelling must be correct, but font, spacing, case type and color are irrelevant.Signs are quoted from left to right, top to bottom—note that a street sign written anyway can be read. Only numbers and letters and arrows  are existent on a sign, anything else is considered artwork. Artwork is nonexistent. Letters and numbers must be in contiguous order and no letter can be skipped within the quote, on a sign. Separate signs on the same structure are the same sign. You should never look backward to read a sign. Signs will be to the left, right or in front of you. Signs may be quoted in full or part.


Stop Sign—An official highway sign at an intersection containing the word ”stop” at which yo are required to stop.

Sideroad—A named road that extends from your named road in only one direction.

Direction - right or left.

Intersection—The meeting or crossing of two more more named roads.

Crossroad—An intersection where another named road crosses your named road.

Tee—An intersection in the general shape of the letter T, where you have a chance to go right, a chance to go left, but no chance to so straight ahead. Lazy tees are tees.

The Rallye begins at Mariano's parking lot on Cumberland and Higgins Road just off the I90 exit.

Route Instructions - Free Rallye

1. Head out of Mariano’s parking lot by going North on Cumberland.

2. Right on Glenlake then left at the first opportunity,  

   Q1. Did you see “Ahead”?

   Q2. Did you see “stop here on red no turn on red”?

3. Left on Granville then Right on Greenwood..

**Pick Up Point—Northbound on Greenwood from Granville.**

4. Left at Park Ridge. .

   Q3.Did you pass Delphia?

5. Right on Devon.

   Q4.Did you pass “Snow Stops”?

6. Left on Lincoln.

**Pick up Point—Heading North on Lincoln from Devon**

7. Left on Albion then Right at fourth crossroad.

   Q5. Did you see “No Outlet”?

8. Left on Talcott.

   Q6. Did you see “Do not enter”?

9. Left on Hamlin.

10. Left at second Stop Sign.

   Q7. Did you travel on Albion?

11. Left on Seminary.

12. Left on crossroad after Gillick.

   Q8. Did you pass “Warren”?

13. Right on Home (comes up quick).

**Pick Up Point—North on Home from Talcott**

14. Left on the second crossroad.

   Q9. Did you travel on Desplaines?

15, Left on Rose.

16. Right at first opportunity then Right on Dee.

**Pick up Point—Northbound on Dee from Touhy.**

17. Right on a road that is named for a type of tree or Right on Cherry.

   Q10. On which road are you traveling?

 18. Left first opportunity then Left on Broadway.

**Pick up point—Northbound on Broadway from Sibley**

19. Turn at second sideroad.

   Q11. Did you travel on Irwin?

20. Right on Dee.

   O12. Did you see “Do Not Block Intersection”?

   Q13. Did you see “Do Not Block Driveways”?

   Q14. Did you see “Do not stop on track”?

21. Left on Virginia (road just before tracks) then Right on Goodwin then Left on Oakton.

22. Right after 14 ft 3 in.

    Q15. Did you see Walnut?

23. Continue West on Algonquin Road then Right on White.

24, Left on third one way street.

   Q16.Did you pass Central Park?

25. Right on Center then Left on Thacker.

**Pick up Point—Westbound on Thacker from Central approaching Mannheim**

26.  Right on Lee (Mannheim).

   Q17. Did you see “Emmanuel Lutheren School”?

   Q18. Did you see “Farmers insurance”?

27. Left on Perry (after Northwest hwy Miner).

28. Right on Graceland then Left at Tee (Rand Road).

29. Left on Seegers.

   Q19. Did you pass “Shared Lane Yield To Bikes?”

   Q20. Did you see “No Dumping”.

   Q21. Did you see “RXR”?

   Q22. Did you see “Railroad Crossing”?

   Q23. Did you see a No Truck parking sign?

   Q24. Did you see “4th Ave”?

   Q25 . Did you see “Photo enforced $375 Fine”?

30.. Right on Broadway then Take route 58 east then Right on Rand









   Welcome to Streets of Fury, a gimmick road rallye designed and presented by the Wheels Rallye TeamThis rallye is designed to run on physical roads or to use Google Street View. You can run safely in your car or at your computer.

   You travel the course by route instructions and these general instructions.

   Each route instruction will be numbered and they are to be performed in ascending consecutive numerical order, beginning with route instruction 1, by physical evidence seen from the course. Each route instruction must be completed before beginning to work on the next numbered route instruction. Sometimes you do not have a route instruction or general instruction to perform at an intersection,  when that occurs, follow the obvious route, which is Right at Tee, straight as possible. In all cases you must follow  the order of precedence (from highest precedence to lowest): General Instructions minus the Obvious route sentence, then (fallback) the obvious route. You will never have to look for physical evidence directly behind. Make no U turns except at cul de sacs. 

   Road names must be spelled correctly but prefixes to a road name such as N,S, W, E, Old, New are irrelevant. Avenue = lane = street = dr  = rd = st = ave, etc. are irrelevant on a street sign.

   Instructions 8 through 18 are part of a special instruction. Perform it as described.

  Obey the law. Do not drive fast through  residential areas.

Consider road segments marked by a sign reading “no outlet”, “dead end” “blind” or “private” as nonexistent. Consider private property with the exception of the starting and ending parking lot to be nonexistent (to drive upon). Driveways and alleys and Kingsley St (construction) are nonexistent. Church and any factory and school roads are nonexistent. For safety use a tad more while driving through residential areas. Never pass first street. Some Words all in capital letters in the Route Instructions may be scrambled and you should unscramble them if necessary.

   Information enclosed in parentheses is helpful information only and not an official part of the rallye. You should not get lost. We use pick up points throughout the rallye, Go to the nearest intersections described by the pick up points, if lost. Don’t get lost on an island somewhere.


A sign is any structure containing words and/or numbers or and/or road depictions. Separate signs on or attached to the same structure are the same sign. Quoted words in the instructions, “example”, refer to actual letters and numbers on a sign. Spacing and font are irrelevant. Words in the route instructions that are entirely in capital letters may be scrambled and can be scrambled into other words if necessary, otherwise case type of letters is irrelevant. Signs may be referred to in whole or in part. Signs may be quoted in full or in part. Only numbers and letters  AND ROAD DEPICTIONS will be quoted. Punctuation and artwork on a sign are nonexistent. Spelling must be exact.

QUESTIONS   You will be presented with questions throughout the rallye. Each question will be indicated by the letter Q and a number and finished with a question mark. Answer a valid question from the completion of the numbered route instruction above it, to the completion of the numbered route instruction below the question. Answer all valid questions. Put your answers on the scoresheet in the spaces provided.


STOP –an official highway (street) sign containing the word STOP at an intersection.

CROSSROAD– A road that crosses your road.

TEE-An intersection in the general shape of the letter T, where you have a chance to go right and a chance to go left but no chance to go straight.

SIDEROAD—A road that extends in only one direction from your road.


AT– In the immediate proximity of a sign, landmark, object  or road.

AFTER –Completely past the sign, road, landmark or object referred to.

DIRECTION-Right or Left

OPPORTUNITY-A named road in the direction stated



1. Start at Barrington Square Town Center on Higgins Road just east of Barrington Road in Hoffman Estates. West out of the parking lot then Right at Barrington Road.

2. Left at Hassell Rd. (at Mobil station).

   Q1. Did you see International House of Pancakes?

   Q2. Did you see “2300 N. Barrington Rd. Vistex”?

3. Left at Stop Sign (unmarked Greenspoint).

   Q3.Did you pass “Wildlife Crossing Next 2 miles”?

4. Left on Bartlett Road then Left on Bode Road.

**Pick Up Point—Heading East on Bode Road from Bartlett Road**

   Q4. Did you see “Speed Limit 40?”

5. Right on the 6th marked sideroad (look up definition).

   Q5. Did you pass Glendale ct?

6. Right on Green Meadows then Right after Kosan.

      Q6. Did you travel on Petrie?

7. Right on Debbie then Right at the second opportunity.

     Q7. Did you see Winfield Ct?

     Q8. Did you pass Amber Ct?

**Pick Up Point - Heading south on Odlum at Schaumburg Road**

8. At “Ashburn Ct” Begin the Anything Can Happen Game.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTION. In the chart below, there are Three choices for each numbered instruction, Just perform the one that applies first for each. Do not do more than one choice for each numbered instruction.; if more than one applies at the same point perform the choice of  highest precedence: A over B and C, B over C. Mark on your scoresheet the lettered command you made for each instruction.


A   Right on Homes

B  Right on Crossroad

C   Right at “Yield”


A   Left on Bell

B    Left first opp

C Left at first opportunity


A Right on Crecsent

B R ight after Hawk

C    Right on  Ashling


A  Left on Clemantis then Left on East

B  Left 4th opportunity after Gilcrest then Left on East

C  Left after Oak then Left on East


A  Left  at Ash

B  Left after Filbert

C Left on Red Cedar


A  North on “East”

B North on East

C Right on East


A  Left after Juniper Cir (Seton)

B  Right on Sunset

C  Left on Azalea


A  Right on Villa

B  Right on sideroad after Willow

C  Right on Villa off of Streamwood


A  Right on Hillside

B Right at Hillside

C East on Hillside


A  Right at “Tee”

B  Right on Ridge

C   Right at STOP 


19. Left on Sunset then Left on East then Right on Schaumburg Road.

**Pick Up Point—Heading East on Schaumburg Road approaching Barrington Road**

 20. Left on Barrington then Right on Holmes (comes up fast.)

   Q9. Did you see “Rob Roy”?

21. Left at the second opportunity after “Glasgow” then East on Holmes.

22.Left on Walnut then Right on Lawson.

   Q10. How many times did you stop at a Stop Sign?

23. Left on Cottington then Left on Tebay.

   Q11. Is Fairhaven a crossroad?

24. Right on Bode.

**Pick Up Point—Heading East on Bode Road approaching Harmon**

25. Left on Harmon then Left on Golf (58).

26. Right on Moon Lake.

   Q12. Did you see a road named after an Ivy League University?

   Q13. Did you see a bicycle sign?

   Q14. Did you see “Do Not Block Driveway”?

27. Left on Higgins

28. Right into endpoint parking lot / Barrington Square Town Center.

Streets of Fury  Road Rallye Scoresheet