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The Rallye

Rules / General Instructions

   In this on-line rallye we take you step by step through a rallye, with course explanations just after each instruction. This is a great learning tool for any Chicago area gimmick road rallye, plus it will be fun to do. Do this after the  beginner rallye (if you already have done the on-line rallyes, try this one anyway.) Where questions apply. Road=street =- avenue, etc. Complete  each route instruction before beginning the next. Questions apply from the completion of the numbered route instruction most nearly preceding it, to the completion of the next route instruction. Perform the route instruction in numerical order beginning with route instruction 1.


Tee  - An intersection in the general shape of the letter T.

End —where the name or numbered road you are traveling upon ends.

1. Begin at START and travel East then Right at Tee.

2. Right on Georgia.


               Question 1. Did you pass  a toaster?

   Our definition of Tee is: An intersection in the general shape of the letter T. It does not say you have to be going up the stem of the T, thus a sideroad makes the intersection you come to at Broad Street a Tee. You then all get back together with a Right on Georgia Street. So Question 1 is a NO.


3. Left on  Florida Avenue.

    Question 2. Did you pass a wedding cake?

4. Left on Alabama and stay on Alabama until perform route instruction 5.

    Question 3. Did you pass a hamburger?

5. Left on Texas trail


So you continue Westbound on Georgia and go Left on Florida then Left on Alabama for route instruction 4. You did pass a wedding cake for Question 2.Since you are told to stay on Alabama until you can perform you next route instruction, you could not answer YES to question 3 because the only time Question 3 applies is at the performance of route instruction 5, which is at Texas Trail. Reading exactly what the words say is very important in road rallying. You have to complete instruction 4, which does not end until you get to Texas, where you can perform route instruction 5. So the question never applies because 4 isn’t complete until you get to 5. (Hard gimmick).


6. Right on Nosebleed then Left on Pacific Avenue.

   Question 4. Did you pass a hot dog?

7. Left at the first opportunity then Left on Hickory

8. Stop at the first crossroad.

9. Right at the second crossroad.

   Question 5. Did you pass the hot dog seller?

10. Right on Walter Payton.

Instruction 6 tells you to go Left on Pacific Avenue. Since road=lane=avenue, you should have turned on Pacific Road and NOT seen the hot dog. Instruction 7 tells you to go Left on Hickory. Then route instruction 8  requires you to Stop at Brown Rd.. Then Route instruction 9 requires you to go Right at the second crossroad. So 8, is performed at Brown Rd ; then you are to start performing 9. You should not have regarded the road at point Z as the second crossroad because YOU MUST COMPLETE each route instruction before going on to the next one. Once you have completed 8 you are on a different instruction. So Instruction 9 should not be done at Point Z, that’s only the first crossroad , the second crossroad is point Y. So you should have seen the hot dog vendor. His name is Sam. All hot dog vendors are named Sam.

11. Left at End.

   Question 6. Did you pass French fries?

12. Left on Artis Gilmore Boulevard

13. Left on Hampton.

   Question 7. Did you pass the scales?

14. Right at Tee then Left on Artis Gilmore then Right on Matt Suhey Lane.

   Question 8. Did you pass a candy cane?

15. Left on Luis Aparicio then Left at Tee.

   Question 9. Did you pass the stadiums where the White Sox and Bears play?

16. Right on a road named for a Chicago White Sox 1959 pennant winning team’s player or go Right on Jim Landis.

17. Right on Sherman Lollar Lane.

   Question 10. Did you pass a baseball player?

18. End rallye at Barnaby’s.


11. We defined end as the end of the name or numbered road upon which you are traveling. You notice at the sideroad that Walter Payton Drive changes names to Walter Peyton Drive. So you do not see the French fires for question 6.

   Now we have been using some rhythm gimmicks (gimmicks that once you are in a rhythm, we take you out of that rhythm but you don’t notice because you have rhythm.

   We set you up with road= street, etc. But Hampton Road is not the same as Dan Hampton Road...you have no reason to drop the name Dan from the road name, thus you do not see the scales (of justice) on Dan Hampton, for Question 7, you should have gone to Hampton.

   Question 8, everyone sees Matt Suhey.

   Under normal rallye conditions, you could not answer Question 9, because there is really no evidence that the Bears and White Sox play at those stadiums.

   And in 16, even if you knew that all these roads were the same names as White Sox players from their last pennant in 1959, you would not know that the roads were actually named for those players.

   But we will give you these final two gimmicks, just so you learn the concept, you usually need physical evidence of  a road (as in Dan Hampton and Hampton) or a place (if the stadiums said that the bears and White Sox played there).

   Our endpoint is Garibaldi’s—which is the usual Wheels Rallye Team endpoint in Chicagoland. We hope you had fun. Now try the other map based road rallyes on our site.