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Welcome to The

Wheels Rallye Team 

Wheels Rallye Team   is  Chicago-based road rallye club that believes in creating and presenting truly original and entertaining  NON-SPEED road rallyes to the public.   Road Rallying is a great sport. It combines the elements of a board game with the excitement of the internet and the adventure of a drive to points unknown. It is NOT a race or speed event, but instead is a skill-based sport that bases your knowledge of the rules against your ability to apply those rules out on short rallye courses. A great event for fund raisers, singles, married couples, couples with children and - well just about anyone that enjoys

a fun time and true challenge. Any type of car or van or whatever can be used.

Have fun the Wheels Way.

Our 2019 Schedule

April 13 - 8 Simple Rules

  May 11- The Treasure Hunt

: June 15 - The Summer Cruise

 September 21 - The Famous Puzzler Rallye

NEXT UP: October 19 - The Famous Ghost Hunt

November - The Turkey Hunt

December 7 - The Christmas Light Tour

Read Upcoming Events Below for more information.

Coming November 9, 2013

An easy point to point rallye to celebrate all things Thanksgiving

Designed to be low pressure fun

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