2024 Rallyes - Schedule coming in February

A Kind Of Easter Egg Hunt

Drive a challenging, but very short in Miles gimmick road rallye where you search out for "Eggs" along the way through use of signs. A very good rallye to learn about all the things that can be cone to you on a gimmick rallye.

Diner's Drive-In's and Drives - A Sumer cruise gimmick Rallye

An east to run event, that takes you through and by some of the classic and newer drive in restaurants. Watch out for the carhop! Just good heavy eatig fun.

A Midsummer's Night Car Rallye

A great gimmick rallye designed  by an old school rallymaster filled with interesting gimmicks and best of all  filled with fun.

The Famous Puzzler Rallye

One of the favorites of competitors year after year. You solve puzzles that all have a numeric answer. Then you check on the map given to you and drive to the correspoinding spots to find a hidden words. Pure fun!

The Famous Ghost Hunt

One of the all-time classics returns for its 33rd year of fun and adventure. Drive a rallye course and view the great house decorations put up by people for Halloween. We run the event two weekend ahead of Halloween for competition and otherwise if you do not want to run in competition, you can run any time you want between October 21 and 31. Fun for the whole family.

The Treasure Hunt Rallye

We have canceled this year's Treasure Hunt for various reasons. Come ou in December for The Christmas Light Tour.

The Christmas Light Tour

The Christmas Light Tour

The wonders of Christmas can only be seen when you drive the Christmas light Tour, a rallye that can be run. If you have ever wondered where all the good Christmas Decoartions are, here is the answer, we calready know and wil lead you on a great trip that you can enjoy with the family any night during the season, as well as on December 9 in competition mode.


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