What Is A Gimmick Road Rallye?

Plus the other types of road rallyes we offer!

Road rallying can best described as a board game on wheels. Just like in a board game, you get a set of rules, when you first register for the event. These rules govern the actual play of the event. Instead of rolling dice, on a road rallye you get a set of route instructions which tell you how and where to turn. For example:


23. Right on Jones Street.

24. Left at Tee.


Simple? On the surface. But a road rallye  is designed by a devious rallymaster, who has the personal job of trying to trick you into doing things wrong.

 For example, let us say that the Rules of the Rallye (which we call General Instructions) define Tee as:

 An intersection in the general shape of the letter T.



   Now try to perform route instructions 23 and 24 above. You of course perform 23 at Jones, but then you should have performed 24 at the sideroad to your left, NOT at the actual Tee intersection, because the definition stated that a Tee need only be in the general shape of the letter T, not that you had to actually be coming up the vertical stem of the T.

   But don't worry, because Wheels Rallye Team rallyes, always figure a way for everyone to get back together and not miss a beat. You won't get lost. If the next instruction read:


   25. Left on Smith.


   You would then all get back together on Smith and never know that we tricked you. We love that.

   The endpoint is usually at a restaurant in the area and awards and results are announced.

   Gimmick rallying is a scientific exercise in understanding and executing rules and instructions as they occur along the course. You don‘t need a great deal of equipment, and the whole family can come out and enjoy the activity. But at Wheels we offer not only the type of rallying described above, but also a wide variety of fun type events and interesting rallye alternatives.


So Take a Look Below for Other types of rallyes that We offer.



  Wheels Rallye Team has  Puzzle events on our schedule. Both are similar but both have the same initial execution, and that is to solve a puzzle, which can be solved with a number. Then you look at the included map and drive to that spot on the map, and get the required information, or answer a question, to prove that you are there. No previous rallye experience is necessary. Our signature puzzle rallye is: The Famous Puzzler Rallye in September.



These events are sometimes run as separate events, but MAY have the  purpose, to go to as many of the places as you can in the allotted time. Or in the case of Treasure Hunts, you are presented with a group of rallye tasks, some map orientated that are scored individually, with all clues combining to show you where a hidden treasure is located. 


   A photo rallye is pretty much what it seems, you either look for specific photos for a certain amount of time and/or make turns using photographs.


   For example you may have to look to find A statue at on a stretch of road or you may have to turn toward this statue. It is uncomplicated but very exact. Lots of fun and our event is called. A Picture’s Worth, and it is on a Sunday so you can see. This event is NOT scheduled for the current year.




Our Summer Cruise rallye has been the most popular summer event in Chicago for the last few years. It is like a normal gimmick road rallye, but the emphasis is not on challenge but on the fun of visiting a good number of the best cruise drive-ins still hanging around, and in some cases viewing some great custom cars. You eat and snack along the way.

Our Christmas Light Tour IS OUR MOST POPULAR EVENT. rallye, is designed to challenge, but it has a primary purpose of viewing the best Christmas lights displays in the suburbs. Over 600 Cars participated in the 2018 version.




A CLIPBOARD is essential so that you can put all your instructions and provide a safe and sturdy  support for you to write upon on your lap.

A FLASHLIGHT is an essential for use with reading instructions, shining on a sign, etc. We design events so you do not usually need special lighting with all signs, etc. visible without extra illumination. But fog and weather conditions sometimes demand the need for a flashlight.

A WATCH or TIMEPIECE is NOT an essential item for gimmicks rallyes, usually. Your automobile clock and your watch is probably enough for you to run the rallye and get in on time. But if you want to expand your rallying into TSD rallying, or other times events, be sure and have a decent timepiece that you can set. There are a hundred or so Apps on your I phone that will suffice.

A MAP. Yes, we know you have GPS, that's great but sometimes a real up to date map is easier to use when plotting courses,. etc. Your google map on your phone is great too, but let's say you have an instruction which requires you to go to five different points on a map in ths hortest possible way, it is good to see all the points on one solid surface.

   A HIGHLIGHTER is really important on gimmick rallyes so you can highlight tricks and goinnicks in the General Instructions. Much better than underlining with your pen or pencil. Bring a PENCIL for filling things out that you can erase on scoresheets.

A CIP-ON BOOKLIGHT. No driver likes to drive with the reflection of a dome or map light on all the time. It reflects. It's not safe. And you want everyone to be able to see things out on the course. Battery operated or p[lug in models are both good.

 GPS devices are not required on rallyes, but they do help with compass headings and anticipating where some turns are made and what road you are on at the time. So if your car is similarly equipped, you are golden.

A Big SMILE, and a happy attitude. Rallying is a challenge but it is also a heck of a lot of fun. Laugh at your mistakes, enjoy yourselves. All Wheels Rallye Team Rallyes have great endpoints to relax and discuss the event with other competitors and the organizers. Have something to eat or drink. You will get a written synopsis of the course and Trophies or awards will be handed out to winners in all classes of competition.