New Rallyist Page

    Hey, you are new. You really don’t know what is going on and what is going to happen to you on a road rallye. No problem. We have a step by Step Program to get initiated into road rallying by following links and notes from within this website. Follow, step by step, and you will have a great understanding of gimmick road rallying and what it is all about, and most importantly what to expect on these events.


1. Click on the link  THE WHEELS EXPERIENCE, read that and then come back to this page.


     Okay, now that you know Wheels Rallye Team is there for your entertainment. 


2.  Click on the link WHAT IS A ROAD RALLYE Read that and then come back to this page. It contains what equipment you need for a rallye and what basic gimmick road rallying is all about.


   Okay, you now know the basics of a regular gimmick road rallye is, what a point to point rallye is and what a Puzzle Rallye is; now you should try and see what we mean by common terms and definitions. No need to read and take notes through this next link, but look over the terms so you can see what rallying is made up of...instructions and terminology.


3. Click on the link GUIDE TO RALLYING. Skim through this section and then come back to this page.


   Those two  pages you just read are the most comprehensive and unique pages available in the world that describe definitions and concepts in detail. Our sign section, alone, is worth the time reading because it represents a true detailed account of almost every sign type gimmick that will be put to use on real road rallyes.



4. Click the link ONLINE RALLYES  then the STEP BY STEP LEARNING RALLYE . Then do that rallye then come back to this page.


   In that rallye you learned how to do a lot of things with instant synopsis of the course following each gimmick. Now let’s go to a couple of rallyes that will take a little more patience and time, with the synopsis for everything at the end of the rallye, like in real, live Wheels Rallye Team events.


5. Click to ON LINE RALLYES and play the BEGINNER RALLYE on that page. If you find that interesting, go ahead to the novice rallye by clicking the link on the page for that event. When finished with one of both, click back to this page.


   You can see, even with a few rules that gimmick rallying is tricky and relies on convention and terminology. Go ahead and play the other rallyes Master, etc. if you want. Also take a stab at our rallye challenge page.


6. Click on RALLYE GAME CHALLENGE on the links on the ON THE ONLINE RALLYE PAGE. When you have taken some of these hard challenges come back to this page.


   Wow, some of those are tough, aren’t they? But now you have all the resources to attempt a real WHEELS RALLYE TEAM GIMMICK ROAD RALLYE. Check out our schedule and take a chance, if you like games, puzzles, mental quizzes and driving around, it is THE activity for you.


7. Click 2021 SCHEDULE  and check out the rallyes we have to offer.


   Then come on out and enjoy the experience of a real, live road rallye!