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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

In this event we attempt to make a bridge between the earlier Novice rallye and the Master Rallye.  Please do all rallyes in a row, even if you are seasoned, beginning with the beginner’s rallye or the step by step rallye. We have made the route instructions spread out so as you scroll you will be able to do the instructions.


Lots of Fun and Action Here

Novice 2 Online Rallye

· Rules: When placed on a road by the word ONTO follow that road by name until you can perform your next route instruction or route instruction part.

· Right at Tee if no instruction applies.

· Road =street = lane = circle = rd, etc.

· Remember to do route instructions in numerical order and do them by physical evidence.  

· Questions may be answered from the completion of the route instruction most nearly above to the completion of the route instruction most nearly below.


1. Right or Left at Tee.

   Q1. Did you pass the curve arrow?

2. Right on Thorson Drive

3. Left at Tee.

4. Left on a road named for a president of the United States or Left on Sandy, whichever comes first.

   Q2. Did you pass the traffic signal?

5. Right on Dennis Drive then Right on Nancy Drive.

   Q3. Did you pass the arrow?

6. Right on Dennis then Left on Scramuzzo street then Right at Circle.

   Q4. Did you pass a baseball player

7. Right at the first opportunity then Left on Lauessen Lane.

8. Left at Tee then Right on Judy.

9. Right at Second Street.

   Q5. Did you pass a woman?

10. Left on Dexter then Left onto Reckless.

11. Left on Walking Street.

   Q6. Did you pass an elf?

12. Right at Tee then Left at Tee then Left on Zalokar.

13. Right on Sweetie Pie.

   Q7. Did you pass a tow truck towing a car?

14. Right after two women.

15. Left on Reckless.

   Q8. Did you pass a girl holding a kitten?

16. Left on Walking then Right at Tee.

   Q9. Did you pass Gable Dr?

17. Right at Tee then Right on Barnabys then Left XYZ.

   Q10 Did you encounter the ice cream cone?

18. Left at the nest road that has a name made up of letters in the alphabet..

19. Right on Promise.

20. Left at Tee and Right into Garibaldis.