The Treasure Hunt - November 9 , 7pm

Find a Real Hidden Treasure if you follow the clues correctly. Yes a real hidden treasure.

   So What you will do is this:

   No regular gimmick rallye gimmicks.

   You will Follow route instructions which lead you to clues to find the hidden treasure. Once at the treasure search for it. Someone might have beaten you to it! Well that's okay you get points for each clue you correctly figure out along the way - the route instructions merely serve to get you from one clue to the next to get all the clues.

     You will have to solve puzzles, games, tasks and mysteries to find our actual hidden treasure - you get points for finding just the location's a heck of a lot of fun and will keep you busy and enthralled.

    You also will be part of a sign scavenger hunt during this busy event, how many do you see?

   Here are the particulars:

Saturday Night November 9

Start and end at Garibaldi's in Hoffman Estates located just East of Barrington Road on Higgins Road. 1/2 mile from the Barrington Road Exit on I-90, and about 5 miles west of Wooodfield Mall.

Registration cost is only 15 dollars per car.

Load it up.

Registration opens at 6pm with cars off at 7pm. Finish at 9:30pm.

Short rallye, (due to gas prices).